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What’s Google’s new Hum to search feature?

Google has been adding more and more features over time to their own Google app. The google assistant is built-in through the Google app which also brings exciting and amazing features upgrades over the period.

Google search app could identify the songs playing in the background environment for quite a while now. This was done from the earlier machine learning of the official recordings of the songs to match and give the most relevant guess as which song is playing in the background.

But now Google has improved this feature a lot over time with the help of advanced machine learning, users can now just search for a song just by humming that song and not even saying a single word from lyrics. Google app then provides you with the song details that you were humming with a percentage match.

Search to hum feature in action.

To use this feature, users will just have to open the Google search app and tap the voice search icon and then you can either say, “What’s this song” or you can tap the suggestion button in the mid-left of the screen saying, “Search for a song”.After that, you will get a pretty cool animation where you can hum the song for 10 to 15 seconds approximately.

Google’s algorithm will then use your humming data to search for a music match or anything related to your humming to identify and display the song you were humming. And you can then explore the names of the songs and artists names, or can play its music video or even play the song with its lyrics if available and much more.

Google Hum to search feature.

This new humming feature is available to use in the latest update of the Google app with 20 languages support for Android and English language for iOS devices and with support for more languages coming later.

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