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[Update:Rolling out]Whatsapp has introduced increased limit in Group video calling in the latest beta update.

Whatsapp is among the most downloaded as well as the app having most user base in the world. It has over 2 billion+ downloads on the play store itself.

It started as a simple messaging tool but ever since Facebook acquired it, it has been among the most consistently updated apps from Facebook.

Whatsapp introduced the video calling first and then the group video calling but it was limited to only up to 4 participants.
During the current pandemic situation, many startups like zoom, house party etc group video calling apps became the centre of attention but as they are not very secure, most of the companies and even governments are not using it due to privacy concerns. So Whatsapp has started working on to improve the video call participants limit.
As spotted by the WAbetainfo, a couple of days ago they found the hint in the code about the group video calling update. And now WhatsApp has released the beta update in the latest beta of WhatsApp.This update now has a dedicated group video calling button in the calls section.
Interesting to note here is that now it allows us to call 7 other people on WhatsApp.That means we can have a group call of 8 people.
In my opinion, It is still the winner for users as they will be able to do group video calls without having any security issues as WhatsApp uses end to end encryption technology. It’s still a downside as we will not be able to make huge group video calls but everything comes at a cost of another, in this case, its privacy versus convenience. Most of the people will go for privacy, me included.
As this update is in beta so you would need to be in the beta program and it will have bugs too. So in my opinion, wait for the stable release which will be rolled out as soon as the beta has no bugs, I think it will be in the coming couple of weeks or so.
UPDATE:1:-Whatsapp has now officially announced that their group video call feature has been released in the latest update. They have emphasized on the word END To END encryption. As before this time also they had not compromised the user privacy which is a good thing. So go to play store and update the WhatsApp to use the latest feature of group video calling without any privacy or security issue like other apps.
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