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[Rolling Out]Facebook Messenger rooms:Zoom Alternative from Facebook.

Facebook Messenger Rooms

The current pandemic situation forced us to stay at home to remain within the safety of our home. This however impacted the social life we were doing at our office, schools etc. People are locked down at home they can’t even meet with others. But thanks to technology and the internet. We are apart but still connected.

Q1 2020 recorded the highest number of group video calling apps such as zoom, house party and others. Zoom being the popular one, It was the most downloaded and most used. It allows up to 100 people per conference, But it is plagued by some serious privacy issue. That’s why people are finding other alternatives.
Facebook is now also trying to compete in this segment. They announced their Group video calling service called Messenger rooms.
Messenger rooms is also a group video calling service just like Zoom, house party etc. It allows up to 50 people per call. It’s completely free. Facebook also clarified that they have mainly focused on user privacy, but we all are well versed with the reputation of Facebook regarding privacy.
Good news is it is now rolling out in few countries starting today and it will be rolled out to some other starting next week.

Some key features of messenger rooms
1]It allows up to 50 people per conference.
2] Facebook says it’s secure.
3]It will be used as a unified group video conferencing feature for all Facebook apps including but not limited to WhatsApp and Instagram.
Let me know what you think of this in the comments below.
Would you trust Facebook enough with its history of privacy issues?
It’s not like you don’t have any other secure option, Google meet is also now available for free. And trust me when I say it, Its way more secured than Facebook’s app in terms of User privacy.

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