Realme X2 pro latest November update fixes one big issue .

Realme released another update for their Flagship killer smartphone the Realme X2 pro for the month of November. Realme x2 pro is one of those devices which gets monthly updates via OTA from Realme with the latest security patches and also realme updates their realme UI with some new features and tweaks here and there.

This new update does not bring the latest security patch of the November instead, it updates the security patch to the month of October 2020. Realme fixed some of the bugs and also improved the system performance and optimized the UI for better smoothness.

The main fix that this update brings is of the network connection loss in the Realme X2 pro in some of the scenarios. People were experiencing network loss of the carriers in some locations and realme acknowledged this issue and released the fix for this problem with this update.

There are some new toggles for the system icons in the status bar and realme also improved the automation of the visual eye comfort mode by now adding the sunset to sunrise mode just like the dark mode which gives you more customisation options.

Speaking of customisations now realme x2 pro users can also turn on the feature for displaying the keyboard for app searching while opening the app drawer to make it easier for searching your app. This feature is the same as we see in Poco launcher 2.0, but it is useful and we appreciate it.

Here is the complete changelog of the of the realme x2 pro update.

UI Version:RMX1931EX_11.C.33

● Android security patch: October, 2020

● Added toggle for system icons in Status bar
● Added From Sunset to Sunrise toggle for eye comfort
● Added toggle for display keyboard when entering app drawer

Game Space
● Optimized the logic of the default state of the Brightness lock

● Fixed the network connection loss in some scenarios

● Fixed the probabilistic screen flicker when entering the album

Status bar
● Fixed the display issue of the seconds display of time

As always this is an OTA update which will roll out in batches in the coming week if no bug is found in the initial rollout stages. So stay patient and stay updated. You can also download it manually from the official realme website.

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