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Realme 9i receives a new OTA update for March 2023

Realme, the fastest-growing smartphone brand in the world, has released a new OTA (over-the-air) update for its popular smartphone, the Realme 9i. The update brings several new features, optimizes network compatibility, and improves system stability. The company’s commitment to providing regular and timely updates to its devices is further reaffirmed by this release. The Realme 9i was launched in January 2022 and is now receiving the March OTA update.

Realme 9i update March 2023


UI Version: RMX3491_11.C.09


Integrates the March 2023 Android security patches.


Improves system performance in some scenarios.

Security Enhancements

One of the most important features of the update is the integration of the March 2023 Android security patches. This enhances the security of the device by fixing any known security vulnerabilities, protecting the user’s data and privacy.

Improved System Performance

The Realme 9i update also includes several improvements to system performance in some scenarios, ensuring that the device runs smoothly and efficiently. The optimizations should make the device more responsive and reduce the occurrence of any lags or delays.

Other Fixes and Improvements

The Realme 9i update also includes several other fixes and improvements, including optimized network compatibility and system stability. The update should provide a more stable and consistent experience for users of the Realme 9i.

How to Download the Update

The update is being rolled out in phases, with users receiving a push message to download it. The upgrade will be rolled out to a select group of users today, with a wider distribution following in a few days. Alternatively, it can also be checked by going to Settings > About Phone > System update.

Why Monthly security patches are important?

Monthly security patches are important for several reasons. The primary reason is to ensure that the device is protected against known security vulnerabilities and threats. As new security vulnerabilities are discovered, manufacturers release patches to address them. By installing these patches, users can ensure that their device is protected against the latest threats.

In addition, security patches can also fix bugs and other issues that could compromise the device’s security. By regularly updating the device with the latest patches, users can avoid potential issues and ensure that their data and privacy are protected.

Furthermore, regular security patches also demonstrate the manufacturer’s commitment to its customers by ensuring that their devices are up to date with the latest security features. This is particularly important in the current environment, where cyber threats are becoming increasingly sophisticated and frequent.

Overall, monthly security patches are a critical component of maintaining the security and integrity of a smartphone, and users should always install them as soon as they become available.


The Realme 9i OTA update for March 2023 is a significant step forward for the device, offering improved security, performance, and stability. Realme’s commitment to providing regular and timely updates to its devices is commendable and should be welcomed by users. If you own a Realme 9i, be sure to download the latest update to experience the benefits of the latest security patches, optimizations, and improvements.


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