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Jio mart goes live amid coronavirus lockdown after the Jio Facebook deal.


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Reliance jio recently launched its online e-commerce platform in India to rival companies like Flipkart, Amazon, Grofers etc. It is reliance Jio initiative to support small scale businesses and Kirana stores in India.

Jio has a track record that whenever it enters into the particular business category the rivals had to suffer a huge loss and divergence of their customers towards Jio services. This is because of the huge customer base in India, Jio doesn’t have to do much more marketing fir that service and people trust Jio other than these companies.
A few weeks ago there were talks of Facebook and Google interested in acquiring shares in Jio. They wanted to collaborate with Jio to expand their reach in India and to profit from this particular share.
But this time Facebook didn’t hesitate to buy shares in JIO and Facebook acquired  9.99% shares in RELIANCE JIO in a deal worth $5.7 billion. This will have a huge impact on Facebook as they have so many plans for India.
Whatsapp which was acquired by Facebook in 2014 is going to be the main player for Facebook JIO collaboration. Jio was planning to let users order groceries via WhatsApp chatbot and the deliveries will be commenced with Jio mart 48-hour delivery. It also has an option to order groceries online and when it is ready you can choose to collect it yourself and pay by cash or any other means at the store. When your order is placed it will generate the invoice and sent it to you. It will also give you the store’s address and directions on google maps and you don’t have to worry about money coz you can pay at the store.
Jio is supporting such small business vendors and Kirana stores in India. Jio is basically trying to make online to offline business available for everyone and making it very convenient.
This initiative by both the companies is going to help millions of users as WhatsApp is one of the topmost used social media apps in India. It has around 400 million active users in India. And also due to Jio’s huge user base, people will be attracted to use this service.
This service is currently started in 3 cities in Maharashtra namely MUMBAI, NAVI MUMBAI, THANE and Kalyan. It will be available in other cities shortly.
How to use this service?
•Simply You just have to send a Hi message to this number  88500 08000. Of course, you would have to save it first.
•Jio mart will then reply with a message implicating, “Welcome to JioMart WhatsApp Order Booking Service” along with the link.
•The link will redirect you to the shopping page and there you will be asked about your details like location, area and all. Then after that, the page will appear with the list of groceries.
•You can select whatever you want and place an order. After confirmation, Jio mart will send you the invoice along with the details of the shop.
•When your order is ready, you will receive a call from the shopkeeper. The deadline for placing an order is 7PM so that it will help the shopkeeper to keep the goods ready. The order will be ready in maximum 48 hours.
This is great as it will help small businesses with the ease of shopping goods.
Nevertheless, What’s your opinion about this?
Will you trust WhatsApp to order groceries?
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