Google docs,Sheets and Slides is now finally getting dark mode.

We got the news a few weeks ago about the Dark mode for productivity apps like Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Slides. These apps are widely used by people for their work and despite being on Android 10, users were not able to use it on these apps even if you force it. But now, Google has officially announced in a report that the development around this has been done and the rollout has started from today.

The dark theme was the much-anticipated feature of Android 10 but most of the apps didn’t support it at that time. We saw a gradual increase in other android apps which now respect the dark theme of Android. Dark theme will intelligently adjust the product interface and user-generated content in ways that can make it more usable in low-light environments and save battery life. This will ensure you have less strain while using these apps in low lights and will ultimately improve productivity.

This setting will be available in the latest version of the app and it will be set to system default so whenever your system theme is turned to dark then these apps will automatically be switched to the dark theme.
You can also turn dark mode on or off for Docs, Sheets, or Slides independently. If you do this step then each app will always be in the selected theme regardless of the Android system default settings.
This feature will automatically respect the Android system settings. The dark theme can also be enabled in the Docs, Sheets, or Slides apps individually by going to Menu > Settings > Theme > Dark in each app. 
When using Dark theme, If you want to preview the document in light theme then you don’t have to turn off the app dark theme, you can preview your current document or sheet in the Light theme using More(three dots) > View in light theme
The rollout has started from yesterday the 6th July 2020 and will be rollout in a scheduled manner within these two weeks.
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Source: Google
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