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Finally!The wait is over.Dark mode for WhatsApp is now rolling out to Android and iOS users.

WhatsApp is a very popular messaging app around the globe which was acquired by Facebook for around $19 billion. since then it became a completely free app and we have been seeing a lot of changes in the interface but the most demanded feature and the most requested feature was the dark mode.

WhatsApp has been teasing the dark mode from 2017 and it was hinted in the apk teardown done by XDA developers guys. Since then everybody was waiting eagerly to get the hands-on dark mode in WhatsApp.

It was being tested in the beta mode for WhatsApp since around month an ago and nowhere is some good news.
WhatsApp has finally announced yesterday on twitter that the dark mode is stable and it is coming to Android and ios. They explained why dark mode is necessary and why they chose this blueish colour theme instead of AMOLED black or true black.

WhatsApp dark mode is kinda blueish and not true black or AMOLED black. Whatsapp said that they chose this colour because they wanted to minimalise the eye fatigue caused by the screen. The text is a white accent on dark blue it looks pretty neat and with less eye strain. Users haven’t got the AMOLED dark black yet but still, it’s better than nothing. You will have a better chat experience during the night while using the app’s dark mode.
They announced it by a video post on twitter I am giving the video below if you are interested in checking it out.
Video link.
The dark mode is yet to reach all the users since it is in staged rollout process and will be available for all iOS and Android users within this week so stay patient.


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