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ColorOS 13 Beta and Official Version Now Available on More OPPO Phones

New Delhi, April 6, 2023 – OPPO Mobiles India Private Limited has announced that the highly anticipated ColorOS 13 Beta and Official Version, based on Android 13, will now be available on more OPPO devices in India. This update cycle will allow more OPPO users to experience the highly customizable UI and features of ColorOS, including the brand new Aquamorphic design, Dynamic Computing Engine, Eco-Friendly Always-On Display, and enhanced security features.

ColorOs 13

ColorOS 13 Beta Version Update

The ColorOS 13 Beta Version update is currently ongoing for A55 and A53s 5G handsets. Users of these devices can now access the latest features and improvements offered by ColorOS 13, including enhanced performance, improved battery optimization, and a refreshed user interface. The Beta Version update will be available on A77 and A57 starting from April 24th, providing more OPPO users with the opportunity to try out the latest version of ColorOS before its official release.

ColorOS 13 Beta Version Update (Date)Device Model(s)
OngoingA55, A53s 5G
April 24th, 2023A77, A57

ColorOS 13 Official Version Update

Starting from April 21st, the ColorOS 13 Official Version update will be available on A55 and A53s 5G. Additionally, the update is already ongoing on several other OPPO devices, including Find X2, Reno8 Pro 5G, Reno8 5G, Reno7 Pro 5G, Reno7 5G, Reno6 Pro 5G, Reno6 Pro 5G Diwali Edition, Reno6 5G, Reno5 Pro 5G, F21s Pro, F21 Pro 5G, F21 Pro, F19 Pro+, F19 Pro, F19, F19s, K10 5G, K10, A96, A77S, A76, A74 5G, A74, and OPPO Pad Air.

ColorOS 13 Official Version Update (Date)Device Model(s)
April 21st, 2023A55, A53s 5G
Already ongoingFind X2, Reno8 Pro 5G, Reno8 5G, Reno7 Pro 5G, Reno7 5G, Reno6 Pro 5G, Reno6 Pro 5G Diwali Edition, Reno6 5G, Reno5 Pro 5G, F21s Pro, F21 Pro 5G, F21 Pro, F19 Pro+, F19 Pro, F19, F19s, K10 5G, K10, A96, A77S, A76, A74 5G, A74, OPPO Pad Air

With the availability of ColorOS 13 on these devices, OPPO users will be able to enjoy a host of new features and improvements. The Aquamorphic design, inspired by the graceful curves of water, offers a refreshing and modern look to the user interface, providing an immersive visual experience. The Dynamic Computing Engine optimizes system performance, ensuring smooth and lag-free operation even during heavy usage. The Eco-Friendly Always-On Display offers a greener approach by reducing power consumption and extending battery life. Additionally, enhanced security features provide better protection for user data and privacy, giving users peace of mind while using their OPPO devices.

About ColorOS

ColorOS is a highly acclaimed mobile operating system that has gained popularity for its unique and innovative features. Developed by OPPO, a global leader in smart devices, ColorOS is designed to provide users with a seamless and personalized experience on their OPPO smartphones.

One of the key highlights of ColorOS is its highly customized and visually appealing user interface. With the latest version, ColorOS 13, OPPO has introduced an Aquamorphic design, which offers a refreshing and modern look to the interface. The Aquamorphic design is inspired by the natural flow of water, with smooth and fluid animations, vibrant colors, and intuitive icons, providing a visually pleasing experience for users.

In addition to its visual appeal, ColorOS 13 also boasts a Dynamic Computing Engine that enhances performance and power efficiency. The Dynamic Computing Engine intelligently allocates system resources based on usage patterns, optimizing performance and extending battery life. This ensures a smooth and lag-free experience, even during intensive tasks such as gaming or multitasking.

ColorOS 13 also includes an Eco-Friendly Always-On Display feature that aims to reduce power consumption. The Always-On Display provides users with useful information such as time, notifications, and weather, without having to unlock the device. With the Eco-Friendly Always-On Display, OPPO has implemented advanced algorithms to minimize power usage, resulting in extended battery life and reduced environmental impact.

Security is another crucial aspect of ColorOS 13, with enhanced security features to protect user data and privacy. The operating system includes features such as an app lock, a private safe, and a security center that provides comprehensive security scans and real-time threat detection. This ensures that user’s personal information and data are safeguarded from unauthorized access.

Furthermore, ColorOS 13 offers extensive customization options, allowing users to personalize their smartphones according to their preferences. Users can customize the system fonts, icon styles, and wallpapers, and even create custom themes to make their smartphones truly unique and reflective of their individual styles.

With over 370 million global users and support for more than 80 languages, ColorOS has established itself as a popular and user-friendly mobile operating system. OPPO continues to innovate and improve ColorOS with regular updates, delivering new features and enhancements to provide an enhanced mobile experience for its users.

In conclusion, ColorOS is a highly customized, efficient, and intelligent mobile operating system developed by OPPO. With its visually appealing design, performance optimizations, eco-friendly features, enhanced security, and extensive customization options, ColorOS 13 continues to impress users with its user-centric approach to mobile computing. As OPPO continues to evolve and innovate, ColorOS is expected to remain a top choice for users seeking a seamless and personalized mobile experience on their OPPO smartphones.


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