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Is iphone SE worth buying at the price of 42500INR?

Apple launched the iPhone SE 2020 edition a couple of days ago and I have kind of mixed opinions about it.

iPhone SE is an upgrade to the SE 2016 but it retains its small form factor. I think it is basically one of the first few reasons to buy for most of the users.

1]It houses the 4.7 inches screen with huge bezels on the top and bottom of the screen.
With the current trend, the smartphones are getting as big as possible but this one’s compact and easy to hold the phone.
2]The processor powering the iPhone SE2020 is the latest and most powerful chipset Apple has ever built for an iPhone, A13 BIONIC.
3]It supports Qi wireless charging which is great at this price point. The battery capacity is still approx 1810mAH but due to the latest processor with its intelligent power-saving capabilities. It could last all day with regular usage.
4]The camera is the same as iPhone 8 but with the A13 bionic Image processing power could improve the overall image quality will be surely an improvement over the previous generation. It is also capable of recording video at 4k 30fps.
5]It is also IP67 Water and Dist resistant certified so no problem with occasional water usage.
6]It is iOS 13 compatible and will receive frequent software updates for 4-5 years so no problems there.
1]Dispaly is the same Lcd 720p resolution panel which is not a flagship-grade.
2]Touch id even if it is new and upgraded in the SE 2020 it’s still kinda old but I guess it makes use of the huge bottom chin.
3]Battery capacity is small.1800 mAH is very low on paper but the optimisation of iOS 13 can at least last you a day.
All the features are of a flagship phone with a very small and old design display but it also doesn’t matter to most of the people. They are simply getting an upgraded iPhone 8 but still its a very cheap phone but its an iPhone so it can continue their iOS legacy and will get updates for 4-5 years and the processor is still pretty high end. The price in India is of course very hight as compared to US pricing and even the china pricing. The GST hike on smartphones has quite taken an effect.
At such price of 42500INR, if you are spending this much then I would say that you go for iPhone XR at 53K INR.
Advantages of iPhone XR.
1]It looks more premium and modern.
2]The display is bigger and better and you will also get the notch.
3] Instead of Touch Id you would get the face id which believe me very secure and much faster.
4] Processor is A12 bionic and trust me it’s more than enough for even the power users.
5]It also has a bigger battery and lasts longer than the SE.
Considering all these points, It all comes to the user and what is that the person requires.
If you want a compact phone with a decent camera and max performance you should opt for SE instead go for XR.0
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