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How to Fix voice chat problem in Pubg mobile Global version on Jio network in India?5 simple steps with images

PUBG mobile was one of the most popular game in the world and it still is. Except some of the countries like India where it is banned due to some reasons including but not limited to Excessive addiction in children.

But Players didn’t stop playing the game until the servers were shut down and the Game was removed from the Play Store and App Store. So Players downloaded the game from many other sources and installed the Global Version of Pubg Mobile which had their IDs and achievements synchronised unlike the Korean Version of PUBG mobile.

Users had to use VPN to connect to the servers and download the resources and voice chat but when using the Jio sim network in India users were not able to do voice chat in the game which is very annoying as the voice chat feature is important to communicate with the team players. So in this post, I am going to show you a simple method to eradicate this voice chat issue on jio networks.

Steps to Fix voice chat problem without VPN in PUBG mobile Global on Jio network.

  1. First of all exit the game and clear it from the Recent apps list.
  2. Go to your Smartphone’s settings. (It may vary from brand to brand)
  3. Then find Connection settings. (In my device it is named Connection & Sharing)
  4. Now Click on ‘Private DNS’.
  5. It would be turned off by default, So click on it and if available Tap on Automatic and done.
  6. Now the voice chat will work flawlessly and even the downloading resources won’t require using VPN.

Image step by step guide to Solve voice chat issue in Pubg Mobile Global version in India.

  • Pubg mobile global voice chat issue 1 jio india
  • Pubg mobile global voice chat issue 1 jio india Step 2
  • Pubg mobile global voice chat issue 1 jio india Step 3
  • Pubg mobile global voice chat issue 4
  • Pubg mobile global voice chat issue 1 jio india Step 5

So this is how we fix the problem of voice chat and ping issue while playing the Pubg mobile global version while on the Jio network and without a VPN in India. So, If you have any problem or are you stuck somewhere in these steps do comment your Query below in the comment section.

Important Note:

The screenshots shared above may vary from device to device and brand to brand due to their custom android skin but the basic idea is same so follow the steps and if not then comment below or contact from contact section on our site.


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