How to use invert/Pc like scrolling on iPad with external mouse?Follow these 5 steps.

iPad with the latest iOS 14 update has become more like a laptop and with the interface like a desktop and support for external mouse,keyboard and other accessories it is like a portable touch screen power house.

With more and more people ditching their old hefty and bulky laptops and replacing it with the iPad pros or airs or the regular series iPads. Most people use an external mouse and/or trackpads to scroll and use the iPad to make it feel like a laptop but a better version of it.

But here is the issue, those who have already used the mouse on their PC or macs know that the scrolling on that is Invert i.e. When you want to scroll down you Turn the wheel downwards or if you want to scroll up then you would turn the wheel upwards. But this is not the case with iPad OS, there is a feature called Natural Scrolling. This lets the user use the scroll wheel on the mouse to work similarly to the Fingers scrolling i.e. If you want to scroll down you would have to turn the scroll wheel UP and vice versa.

So some of the users prefer to use the PC like scrolling with an external mouse connected to an iPad.

Steps to use the PC like scrolling on the iPad.

  1. First, connect the External mouse via Bluetooth for example (I have connected Logitech pebble M350)
  2. Go to iPad settings.
  3. Go to General
  4. Then click on the ‘Trackpad and Mouse’.
  5. Now turn off the Natural Scrolling option.

That’s it now the scrolling is set as in PCs and now you can scroll like you used to be without any hassle or adjusting to the new method.

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