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How to use dark mode for any website while using chrome mobile browser.Step by step guide.

How to use dark mode in chrome mobile?

The dark mode is now available for mobile phones running Android which makes the system and first-party apps dark when you turn on the d ark mode toggle. So why does everyone wants dark mode on everything nowadays? How does it help really?

Dark mode basically just inverts the whole colour scheme with selective inversion and now it is available in many UI elements and also most of the third-party apps because of the material design. It makes using the phone at night time much easier and reduces strain on the eyes. Also, it helps you save the battery on AMOLED and OLED display technology by turning off the pixels. It also makes reading and chatting on your smartphone much easier. But most of the people read articles and they read it on their respective browsers but most of the website doesn’t have the dark mode toggle and you have to read the articles or anything in that full bright white background.
So here’s the guide to enable dark mode for any website using a simple flag(toggle) in chrome and turning it on will have an instant effect. This flag will basically give you a toggle to darken web content when the system dark mode is turned on. You can easily turn it off from settings if you don’t want it anytime soon.
How to use dark mode for any website?
Follow these simple steps given below:
1]Open chrome
2]Open search bar and type chrome://flags/
3]You will be redirected to the experiment page.
4]At the top of that page you will see a search bar. Simply type Dark there.
5]You will be presented with 3 options there,click on the toggle below Darken websites checkbox in themes setting.

6]It would be on Default by default. Click on it and then select Enabled.

7] That’s it, now go to the chrome settings>themes and then select system default and tick the checkbox below it saying Darken websites.
8] Now it is done, whenever your phone’s theme is dark and you are using chrome all the supported websites will also use dark mode.

Here’s the example

Left: Device Dark mode off      Right:-Dark mode On.

Note:-This version is still in beta and experiments, so some websites would not have that desired effect but it works very well with most of the websites. But it is quite usable and stable too. I am using it daily.
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