How to remove google meet tab integration in Gmail for Android?A step by step guide.

remove google meet ag from gmail

Google has been acting weirdly about their strategy for messaging and video calling apps during this pandemic era.Google is launching bunch of other apps and also updating the previously available recently.We know that google is making these services available widely but now they seem to have been integrating many apps into one.

We saw recently that the Gmail app has received a new tab called ‘Meet‘ after the latest update.That is a good move from google as it will help many users to quickly attend the video call conferences right from the Gmail app.But wait,that is not a feature everyone wants to use and that meet tab really comes in a way of obstructing the main mail tab.
So many users want their old classic gmail as before and here’s comes the good news,You can remove this meet tab from Gmail app for Android by just following the given steps as this service is optional from Google and they have got your back.
Follow these steps as given below.
1]Open the Gmail app
2]Open the hamburger menu from the top left corner.
3]Scroll Down and Open the settings menu
4]In the settings,Click on your mail id whatever it is to open its respective settings.
5]In that settings menu,Scroll down and you will find the “Show the Meet tab for video calling” in the chat and meet portion and it would be turned on by default.
(Note:-In the given screenshot there is only meet section as this is the normal account,but in the gsuite account you will have the Chat and meet submenu.)
6]Uncheck that box in front of this menu and your Gmail will restart and poof,Meet tab is gone.
7]You can also re-enable it by following the same method and checking the box.
This is how you can get rid of that meet tab in your Gmail app for Android in these simple steps.
If you want a video tutorial,Give a watch to this 1 minute tutorial for the same method.
Do comment below if you have any queries or suggestions or having any troubles regarding these steps.
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