How to block ads on iPhones? Easy method[100% working]

How to block ads on iphone?
How to block ads on iphone? TITLE IMAGE tech elucidations

Ads have nowadays become a core part of our lives as all of the devices we use or any device with internet connectivity can be used as a source of displaying ads to end consumers. Most of the ads are now being targeted with personalization and vary from individual to individual as the ads companies are learning from the behavior of the users on the web and target them the ads according to their liking which in turn increases their likelihood of buying that product and ultimately is beneficial for everyone in this circle.

But as of now, don’t you get irritated with continuous ads and mostly unskippable ads that you just want to get rid of but you couldn’t. Well, that changes today with this tutorial post, here I am going to show you a simple way to block ads on iPhone without any external app or anything extra.

Steps to Block ads on iPhone.

  1. First go to Safari.
  1. Now go to this link
  1. Now select method 2 configure adguard DNS Manually.
  2. now select iOS submenu
  3. in the iOS sub section,you’ll have 3 options and then select Default Server
  4. Now click on Download Configuration Profile button.
  1. Then it will show the prompt of Profile Downloaded.
  2. Now go to iOS settings and you’ll see the PROFILE DOWNLOADED menu appearing
  3. Tap on the profile settings then tap on the INSTALL
  4. Profile will be installed and within few minutes the ad blocker will be working. If it doesnt work then do a quick reboot of the iphone and it will be working.

This method uses the DNS servers for filtering the number of ads serving on your network. I hope this tutorial helps in blocking the ads on your iphone.Drop a comment i this worked for you or not.

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