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Does device really matter in Pubg?

Does device really matter in Pubg? PUBG mobile when introduced on to the mobile platform,it completely revolutionalized the mobile gaming industry. With its arrival so many gaming developer companies also introduced their own games for android and iOS.

PUBG mobile when introduced on to the mobile platform,it completely revolutionalized the mobile gaming industry. With its arrival so many gaming developer companies also introduced their own games for android and iOS.

Pubg is a full action-packed online Multiplayer Battle Royale game. The main theme of the game is to parachute on an island and survive and to be the last squad/man standing. The thing with the online Multiplayer games with almost 100 players into one server really need not just hardware or software but the combination of both H/W and S/W along with a good stable internet connection.

As we know with this increasing trend of gaming on mobile platforms OEM’S have also changed their focus and strategy to meet the market’s need. Nowadays companies are also launching gaming-focused chipsets in the entry-level smartphones like Realme c3 which is just INR6999 in India. which lets you play Pubg at Ultra frame rate.
Important Specs that affect the gameplay of a device.
Processor:-The chipset is the brain of the smartphone.It does all the necessary works and all the processing power is dependent on this particular tiny components.
In short, Having a Good performing processor to power your device will ultimately improve your game’s processing power. The CPU and GPU both work efficiently to render the graphics and load the vitals of the game.

Qualcomm chipset.




Mediatek Helio.chipset



RAM:-Random access memory (RAM) allows to run multiple apps at once and let them run in the background so you don’t have to reopen apps again. But in terms of Gaming, it couples up with the processor and it boosts the performance required for the processor to run the game smoothly. So a high speed and latest Ram type with 6gb of ram is enough to play pubg efficiently.LPDDR4X <Lpddr5.

Display:-Having a big display does wonders for gamers as it provides a higher field of view and more touch area to accommodate fingers without breaking a sweat.
2020 is the year of high refresh rate displays. Brands like ROG and OnePlus first came up with the 90HZ refresh rate OLED displays for smartphones. It literally means you can have almost 90 frames per second on your screen. But games like Pubg don’t support high refresh rate yet. There are also now devices that have 144HZ refresh rate display.
Another important thing is the touch response rate of the Display. Higher touch response rate ensures reduced touch latency and everything feels faster when it is coupled with high refresh rate displays. With this whenever you touch at the screen the response is instantaneous.It can be of great advantage in online fps gaming.
Audio:-Audio may seem irrelevant to some people in this topic but it is as important as other parameters. Having stereo speakers in your smartphone instead of linear ones gives you a surround sound experience. which help a lot in games like pubg if you are not playing with headphones.
Headphones are the must to have accessory for gaming. The sound quality helps in identifying the footsteps and fire location, Rush by enemies things like that. A good headphone is defined by low latency sound and big drivers with better optimisation.
Software optimisation:-Even if you have the best hardware in terms of specs it will not match the performance given by a good software optimised device. Software optimisation helps dree up the ram and focus it on the game. It can Optimize the CPU and GPU to work efficiently to give you the best performance that you need.
What will happen if your enemy has best in the class device and wonderful internet to support it and you have a not so good device in comparison to that?
It’s not just a matter of device, Skill is an essential thing. If both you and your enemy have almost the same level of skill and the enemy has device advantage then the enemy can beat you easily. Let me explain you with an example.
You have connected some shots to an enemy and the enemy fired back on you and you are moving towards the cover, you may notice that you have been killed even when you have reached the cover and still 20hp left. This is because the hardware had rendered your position and by the time it reached to the server and you have internet issue then in enemy’s game you are just standing at one point and even if you are running you are still away from the cover.
Cons of having a not so great device.
Due to lower grade processor, the chipset will heat a lot due to the immense processing the game is forcing to do. You will have frame drops frequently due to the lower processing potential.
Ram:-Due to lower type 3gb ram or 2 GB ram, Pubg will not able to run as efficiently as it would with higher ram and Processor.
BATTERY:-Games like Pubg drains a lot of battery and users have to plugin charger again and again. Which will ultimately heat the device more?
Audio:- Not having good audio in your device will affect your Judgement. Headphones is one of the essentials for games like Pubg.
In my opinion, I would say it all depends on the type of gaming you want to do.
TYPE 1:-If you want to play esports/competitive gaming then I would recommend you to upgrade to a flagship device. Even if you won’t upgrade, your enemies will surely do. So Play your cards wisely.
Type 2:-If you want to play for fun and rank push and enjoy the action and thrill of the game then I would recommend you to invest in mid-range phones which offers great specs at an amazing price.which should be enough for you to Play Pubg as well as other games too.
So this is it This is my opinion on Does the device matter situation in Gaming.
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