Delhi Corona: Another step towards combating Covid-19.

Delhi government today Launched an app dedicated to hospitals. This app is called as Delhi corona. It is launched today on a Livestream with Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal. It is designed to find the live status of the current hospital’s situation and will show you the details about how many beds and ventilators have been vacant.

Delhi corona app lists include government as well as private hospitals data which treat Covid-19 patients and this will help people find the right hospital easily without fail. The app shows a list of the total as well as occupied beds and ventilators available in that particular hospital. This app supports languages both in Hindi and This will surely help in case of emergency.
“This app will tell you how many hospital beds are vacant and how many are occupied at this moment,” CM Kejriwal said during the Livestream.
One of the important thing about this app is that it doesn’t require any registration or any personal permission to view the data. It is currently available on Android devices.
Some other features include Guidelines, Self-assessment tool, and important helpline details too. It also includes links to e-pass, Hunger/shelter relief centres, ration etc.
You can also view which areas are contaminant zones and you can also directly contact the Delhi government’s coronavirus WhatsApp helpline directly through this one particular app: Delhi corona.
It is a great move by the government and will surely help in case of emergency.
Download from this link:-Delhi corona
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