AppsDuolingo:An app that made learning languages very convenient.

Duolingo:An app that made learning languages very convenient.

Due to the current pandemic, all of us are at home and are very bored. People are finding more and more ways to get productive as all those laziness and fun only lasted the first couple of weeks and we all miss work now. Everyone is now finding a hobby to explore new things and learning new languages is one of those things.

Duolingo app
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Here’s where the centre of our attention comes,
Duolingo.It’s an amazing app which lets you learn the languages from your language in a very intuitive and in a comprehensive manner.
Who thought learning a language would be so fun and easy.
The app’s UI is very clean and looks and feels snappy as we explore the apps. It has a lessons menu and also a leaderboard which shows our ranking in that particular language lesson worldwide, Which is a great way to motivate and stay connected to the app and let the learning continue
Duolingo provides the learning in the form of games too. It also let us hear the correct pronunciation of those particular words and sentences that you are learning.
Here are some screenshots of the app interface.

If you want to learn a new language and also not want to get bored then this app is for you.

Download link for play store=Duolingo
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