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[APP REVIEW]:Pocket.A very helpful and productive app.

Pocket app review

We all used to read articles in the newspaper before but nowadays that habit is still there but we now prefer the modernised and digitalised articles on our smart devices. Due to this trend, most of the news firms have also made an option of e-articles on their respective websites. Thanks to companies like google and twitter we get to read these articles on the go which we follow and are shown to us according to our interests. We also search about so many news on google but when we read the full article on their website, there’s a problem of annoying ads in between the articles and during the night time its hard to read in that bright white background.

To overcome such issues here comes our app Pocket which is a very simple and beautifully designed app which resolves all your problems.

It has a simple share to save button with which you can share the article to pocket and it will be saved in your feed waiting to be read.

One of the benefits of using pocket is the that it saves only the image and the original text from that respective articles and removes the ads and those annoying popups, which makes the overall reading experience a huge improvement.

It also has a dedicated themes section from where you can use the dark theme which makes it really great to read those articles during night time ultimately reducing eye strain and also saves battery. You can save to match the system theme in android 10.

It has a listening mode which helps us to relax and get to know what’s in the article by hearing it while you are relaxing. It’s a great bonus in my opinion.
It has a dedicated discover mode to directly search for articles and you can also follow your friends and family and easily share with them.
Some of the features are paid but the free app is almost everything you need. You can purchase it on a yearly subscription which is decent enough for such an app.

To sum it up I would say its a great feature pack application and worth installing in your device. Also, there are so many other features which you can explore. I am personally using this app for about 2 years and I have to say it been very helpful.

Pocket is available on Play store for free.
To Download Click here.

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